Legacy Exhibiting Q & A

Legacy Exhibiting/Pricing Questions

1. Who can exhibit and how many pieces can each artist display?

WTWS artists may exhibit. Limitations (number or size) will be per Legacy space needs/availability. Legacy can generally accomodate large paintings. There will be regular calls for artwork, sometimes during monthly meetings, sometimes for special shows. Artists should bring or be prepared to fill out Legacy Exhibit form and label. (can be found on WTWS website at wtws.org)

2. How often should the artist replace paintings?

An artist may retrieve a painting if needed by contacting an Exhibit VP (Kathryn 438-3439 or Beth 698-0292).  Artist should inform us if replacement artwork is available.  During new calls for artwork, previously hanging artwork may remain hanging or be retrieved according to Legacy or artist preferences, or space considerations.  A record must be made of any artwork being removed or added.

3. Is there a master list or an individual inventory for each artist? Who keeps the inventory list? Who do we notify to exhibit or exchange paintings?

There is a notebook of individual artist’s inventories, filed alphabetically.  Kathryn Thomas has this inventory notebook. Removing artwork requires a notation in the artist’s inventory. Adding artwork requires filling out the Legacy Exhibit form and label (including pricing information, signature regarding insurance/security, etc.)

4. Who is in charge of hanging the exhibit?

Legacy has thus far preferred to hang the artwork.  WTWS may at times be asked to assist with this.

5. When replacing paintings are we required to replace with the same size being removed?

Not necessarily, as there is some ability to shift artwork around.

6. Who determines questionable paintings (nudes, etc.)?

Legacy must approve of all artworks being hung.  Legacy is a family friendly venue.

7. Are artists required to remove their paintings when they have not entered the current show?

Shows are separate entities and have no bearing on the other artwork that is hanging, unless there is a space availability concern. The shows themselves will have criteria for entry.

8. What are the rules about pricing?

Artworks entered into a show (which have criteria, entry fees, exhibit time frame, etc.) are for sale at the artist’s discretion.

Artworks routinely on display (through other normal intake) must be for sale, unless advised otherwise. For selling, the artist must have a Texas Sales & Use Tax ID# and is responsible for the tax.  Therefore the Legacy takes it’s 20% commission out of the artwork’s base price (price before the sales tax is applied).  So the information required on any piece that is for sale must be given in the following way:

Base price (include the 20% commission) _______________

+  TX Sales & Use Tax (0.0825 x base price)  _______________

=  Total Price of Artwork  ____________________________

The Legacy collects payment for the art piece, takes its 20% out of the base price only, and pays the artist the remainder of the base price plus the taxes that were applied.  Then the artist must pay tax to the TX Comptroller.

9. Is credit card payment available for buyers at the time of sale?    When purchase is by check, is it made out to Legacy, WTWS or the artist?  Who would be responsible for collecting insufficient checks?    

Payment by credit card is an option.  Checks should be made to YWCA.   Insufficient checks would be handled by YWCA.