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Carol Peterson

I grew up in Michigan, have three children, and a couple of degrees in fields unrelated to art.   Although interested in art for many years, I only dabbled in it until my retirement in 2001 after 19 years with the Computer Information Systems department at South Plains College.  I have won seven “Best of Show” awards in West Texas art shows, had a painting purchased by a museum in Amarillo, have won several awards in online art shows, and have signature status in the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, New Mexico Watercolor Society, and the Texas Watercolor Society.  I have paintings in private collections in England, Canada, Africa and Costa Rica.

Most of my encouragement in watercolor has come from my husband and association with the West Texas Watercolor Society, the Friday life-drawers, and the Thursday Painters.  These groups have been helpful and supportive in all my art endeavors giving me critiques and suggestions when asked.   My favorite subject is people and particularly their faces.  I love capturing the essence of a person in a watercolor portrait.  In particular, I love to paint older people since they have such character derived from their experiences etched in the lines of their face.  I love the challenge of portraying the individual accurately and at the same time putting my feelings about the person into the image.

Party On! – $400
Beach Boy – $500

Carol Peterson
7205 Louisville Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79423
806-535-6137 cell