June Musick

“Eclectic, bubbly”… best describes the Artist/ Muralist June Musick, Humor fuels her life.  Every stroke of the brush comes with a smile (or a joke) whether it is a 2 inch Purdy brush or the finest sable!  She has been Instructor to many and loves the look on their faces when they “GET IT.” She plans to teach both her grandsons and hope it sticks. Her family’s “gypsy life” gave her opportunity and discouragement, but it didn’t stop her. It was more or less a challenge to get her way.  


June teaches now at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center of the Arts and at the OLLIE Texas Tech Alumni and  instructs at The Garden and Arts Center..  She teaches privately in her Micro-Studio and volunteers at the Head Start School. She is prolific in pencil, Pen and Ink, and paints in acrylics and watercolor. 

In a nutshell …She Loves to paint, anything and everywhere.  Art is her life and life …is her art! 

June Musick

6702 35th Street

Lubbock Texas 79407




from the artistI am an autodidact. Well, that’s a word I learned about myself. It basically means Self Teaching and that’s me by nature for 40 + years teaching myself how to paint !  I have my work in public and private collections from Minnesota to California. I  pieced enough credits together to teach at a community college in Nevada. I do love to paint and draw and I love sharing what I know If you have something you love and you get to do that for a living then you  truly have a rich and  bountiful life.