Board of Directors

  • President- Cynthia Coon
  • Co-Vice President of Programs- Jane Phillips
  • Co-Vice President of Programs-Margret Hodgson
  • Co-Vice President of Exhibits-Kathryn Thomas
  • Co Vice President of Exhibits- Beth Pennington
  • Vice President of Workshops-June Musick
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Cecilia Adams
  • Western Federation Delegate-Neal Kleman Alternate Alba Jones
  • Newsletter- Nathalie Kelly
  • Canyon Retreat-Dyan Newton
  • Hospitality- Annalee Schubert
  • Lubbock Arts Festival- Annalee Schubert
  • Lubbock Arts Alliance Liaison-Beth Pennington
  • Memorials and Honorariums- Betty Blevins
  • Webmaster-Aaron Brown

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