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 2018                   Shape, Line, Color and Whites

with  Ruth Armitage    3 Day Workshop

   Oct 22nd to Oct 24th 2018

Ruth Armitage  is a signature member of the  National Watercolor Society , Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, California Watercolor Association and the Northwest Watercolor Society, and Past President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. The Watercolor Society of Oregon has awarded her its Outstanding Service Award and nominated her as Oregon’s Delegate
to the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Ruth’s work has received many local and national awards.

Ruth’s award-winning work has been included in numerous national publications and exhibitions. In 2004 her work was profiled on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat.

You can find Ruth’s work in Portland at the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery, and at Mary Lou Zeek gallery in Salem, Oregon.  Ruth is a gifted  instructor and has juried several local and state exhibitions. She enjoys sharing the creative process in the classroom and watching lightbulbs come on in her students’ eyes. Read their comments about Ruth’s classes on her ‘Workshops’ page. Ruth and her husband Marc, both fourth generation Oregonians, maintain a small farm and studio in rural Oregon City.

Join Ruth to explore three (or more) different ways to incorporate white into your watercolors. Look beyond saving whites with masking or negative painting and learn to use opaque media as more than an afterthought

We cover both the elements of design and the ‘mental game’ in art-making. Using acrylic and collage, we will explore shape, line, color and texture to craft vibrant paintings that stir the emotions. You will learn organizing principles, painting tips and techniques for overcoming self-doubt and indecision.



2019   Iain Stewart     Iain stewart

I rely on instinct a great deal and endeavor not to imbue any false grandeur to the choices I make when working. The lion’s share of my work is done alla prima as my real struggle in painting is to capture the initial vision for any given piece. I am most often motivated by capturing a definitive lighting condition and how it influences shape and value rather than faithfully representing the subject as witnessed. Watercolor is uniquely suited for this task as “light” is reserved from the first brush strokes and must be protected throughout the painting process .

The underlying narrative in my work is not based on any theme in particular but but quite simply how “place” is inhabited and used daily.

I often use remembered atmospheric and lighting conditions in my work and would say that I paint from life and memory simultaneously. My watercolors are not only a translation of what I see, but more importantly, an expression of how I choose to view the world.



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